Make your bowls stand out


In this article we will show you an easy way to master the simple, yet super effective technique of making SWIRLS.

Swirl what?? If you have been hiding under that famous rock, keep on scrolling and this will all make sense soon.

What we love about swirling is that it looks like you are a fucking BAWS in the kitchen but in reality it’s really easy to do.

BUT if you want to be really good at it, you have to practice a lot. I guess that can be applied to everything in life…


To make a basic smoothiebowl swirl, just follow these four simple steps.

Step 1:
Create a smoothie bowl out of frozen fruit (we recommend banana). This is your base and it needs to thick so that the swirls won’t get mixed up.

Step 1: Create a smoothie bowl out of frozen fruit (we recommend banana). This is your base and it needs to thick so that the swirls won’t get mixed up.

Step 2:
Pick your contrasting color. If you choose a pink base, blue swirls is a great choice (we use blue spirulina off course). Blend ½ tsp of blue spirulina with soy/coconut/plant yoghurt and pour into condiment bottles. Don’t have stuff like that at home? No problem, use a small plastic bag and cut a tiny hole on one of the sides.

There are many ways to Swirl but this style is super simple and great to start with. “Draw” straight lines with the blue color on the smoothie base.This is the tricky part. You have to do this pretty fast if you want straight lines.

Step 3:
Then use a toothpick and draw vertical lines through all the horizontal lines to create the Swirls.

ÉT VOILA, you’re done!

Step 3:
Add some fresh fruit and berries to make it look extra sexy.
We’re not fans of minimalism when it comes to smoothie art so make sure you add that flavor to it at the end!

This is the basic stuff.

If you want a million likes on Instagram, you are going to have to be more creative than that.
As you can see in the pictures above, I have to practice a bit more since i really suck at this. Practice makes perfect.

Moving on to the highlight of this article..


Let us introduce the Instagram queen of swirling - RACHEL RENE LORTON.
All of the following pictures are her creations, and you will see why we have come to really enjoy her work!

Rachel Lorton was one of the first to make smoothie bowls with symmetrical swirls and fresh cut fruit.
Her Instagram is growing rapidly and she truly is one of a kind.

Join the riot on her Instagram @rachelrenelorton

What makes her smoothiebowls so special is the unique combination of colors, symmetry and pattern created with many different techniqes. Something that takes a lot of practice and creativity to even come up with from the beginning.

Besides posting awesome pics of smoothie bowls she also adds tutorial videos for almost all of them too.

Rachels own words on how she got started out:


"I became intrigued with smoothie bowls quite some time ago, but I began to want to do something a little different than the traditional swirls I would see here & there to spruce up my breakfast. I learned very quickly how much inspiration could be found simply in fruit itself as well as playing with different colors to add some zing!

Whether it be arranging my fruit differently or simply changing the colors I use for my swirls, I noticed the options are truly endless for my smoothie creations."


After Rachels account grew bigger a lot of  people started to ask her for tutorials.

"Last fall, I was consistently encouraged to film tutorials to help others learn how to make these bowls for themselves.

Once figuring out how to film and seeing so many reproduce such works of art, this has proved to be the truly rewarding part."

When asked about how to become a successful smoothie stylist, she gave me these four pro tips;

1. Consistency is key: for your smoothie base as well as your coconut yogurt/powder mixture. Your base needs to be super thick, but not so thick to where you need to actually smooth it out once poured. Frozen bananas work wonders!

2. I only make enough coconut yogurt mixture to last 2-3 days max. Otherwise it will thin out way too much for you to form accurate lines for your swirls.

3. Toothpicks & condiment bottles are key! Due to their small size, toothpicks are the perfect utensil to use to drag your lines into a swirl pattern. Condiment bottles are also a cheap device (I've gotten all of mine for $1 each) to use to dispense your yogurt into your swirl pattern.

4. My final & most important tip is to not take yourself too seriously. This is meant to be fun & a way to express your creativity. It doesn't need to be perfect, but it is important that you have fun doing it!


with these two simple weapons in your kitchen, you can create wonders beyond your wildest dreams!

Rachel Lorton instagram

The last thing I asked her was how to grow a food account on Instagram. Rachel gave us all these two tips.

1. Becoming a food artist is all about expressing yourself & forming your own individual style. When people can't find what you do anywhere else, they will constantly be looking forward to what you have to share.

2. Further, community is the most important part to building your Instagram. It also happens to be my favorite part. Meeting and connecting with others with similar interests around the world can be truly rewarding as well as inspirational.

Community. This is truly something worth mentioning.

It has never been easier to connect with likeminded people from all over the world. Without the community, posting on Instagram would truly suck, like being stranded on a deserted island without your friends, iphone and sun screen.

So what are you waiting for? Those swirled smoothiebowls beauties are not going to make themselves in your kitchen, get out there and be creative. And remember, if it's not perfet the first time you might as well give up and watch netflix instead... 

Jk. persistence is key here! Keep on going

And if you still have not clicked your way over to Rachels profile on Instagram then make sure to do that right now!

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/Helene Arvidsson