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Indulge in gorgeously colorful smoothies, snacks & ice cream, and get more excited about good eating this Halloween with Rainbow Superfoods and extra special goodies.

    What you get:

    4 Festive Powders

    Let your creativity flow with deliciously healthy and vibrantly colorful food this Halloween. The colors included are:

    • Black Activated Charcoal

    • Green Matcha

    • Orange Curcumin

    • Purple Sweet Potato

      Ice Cream Mold

      Snack on cute colorful popsicles with our unique lattice molds and reusable popsicle sticks. Good luck keeping the kids (and adults) away with these around!

      Holiday Recipe E-Book (23 Recipes)

      Get a digital copy of our new and improved Holiday Recipe e-book. Dive into 5 spookily satisfying Halloween recipes that will put a smile on any ghost’s face. Then enjoy 19 more throughout the year.

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      What is Activated Charcoal?

      Our activated charcoal is made from bamboo that has been heated up and exposed to oxygen.
      The result is a fine black powder that can adsorb serious amounts of toxins and other stuff you don’t want in your body.

      Do not consume with medications:
      Activated charcoal should NOT be consumed at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after taking drugs, vitamins or other medications (Birth Control included) as it is a really potent adsorbent and might disrupt the effect of those medications. We like to roll on the safe side. So should you babe.

      Do not exceed recommended dose:
      A dietary supplement can’t be a substitute for a diverse diet and healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women and persons under 18 years of age.

      Serving size: 1 Teaspoon / 1 grams
      Servings per bag: 50
      Note: A little goes a long way, start with the recommended serving size and add more if you want a stronger color.

      Ingredient: 100% Bamboo Charcoal Powder
      Taste: Neutral
      Appearance: Fine black powder
      Product dimensions: 130 x 180 mm
      Net weight: 50g / 1.7 Oz

      What is Green Matcha?

      Matcha Powder is made from young green tea leaves that were grown under the shade, away from direct sunlight. The whole green tea leaf is ground into a fine powder after being baked at a low temperature.

      Our Rawnice Matcha Powder is intended to use primarily in foods such as breakfasts, desserts, and drinks to get that vibrant green color and added health benefits. It can surely be used in a more traditional way as a ceremonial tea, even if there are other "ceremonial" grade matcha powders on the market for that use already.
      Ingredient: 100% Pure Matcha Powder
      Taste: Distinct Taste
      Appearance: Fine Green Powder
      Product dimensions: 130 x 180 mm
      Net weight: 50g / 1.7 Oz

      What is Curcumin Powder?

      Our powerful Curcumin is carefully extracted from the turmeric root.

      Curcumin is actually what gives the turmeric that beautiful golden color and a big portion of its baller benefits, and now you can have it all without any of the taste!

      Not a fan of turmeric? No worries! We extracted the naturally yellow-gold color and left the distinct turmeric flavor behind.

      It turns from yellow to red when mixed with basic or alkaline ingredients as it is also a natural pH indicator

      This bag is filled with fresh golden dust ready to make your smoothies, cakes, and lattes look like a million bucks.

      Ingredient: Turmeric Extract
      Taste: Neutral Taste
      Appearance: Yellow Orange Powder
      Product dimensions: 130 x 180 mm
      Net weight: 40g / 1.4 Oz

      What is Purple Sweet Potato Powder?

      Our Purple Sweet Potato Powder is a fine purple red powder that is made from fresh high-quality purple sweet potato vegetable, which contains the nutrients of the raw material and provides rich flavor.
      Because of its special flavor it is suitable for fancy foods of cooking and can also be used for plating, as a natural purple food coloring in pasta and bread doughs, as a colorant in desserts, creams, fillings, icings, ice creams etc.

      With this versatile powder, you can create pretty purple shades with your food!

      Ingredient: 100% Purple Sweet Potato Powder
      Taste: Neutral Taste
      Appearance: Purple Red Powder
      Product dimensions: 130 x 180 mm
      Net weight: 50g / 1.7 Oz


      How to store:

      Store in a dry and cool environment away from direct sunlight. Always re-seal both packing bags (inner + outer) to avoid moisture getting inside and causing it to get lumpy.



      Easy as 1-2-3

      Transform your meals from boring to EPIC in seconds by adding a scoop of our Rainbow Superfood powders.

      Start with 1/2 teaspoon and add more if you desire a stronger color.






      What you can make

      The possibilities are endless with these fantastic products, but here are some of the most popular creations that get shared around social media and in hundreds of reviews from happy customers.
      Try me in smoothies Create colorful Pancakes  Make colorful baking
      Super Kid friendly Raw Cheesecakes Hot or cold drinks

      We have even seen people do bath bombs, color their homemade soaps, and even face masks with our Superfoods. Creativity is your only limitation!

      Pro tips for awesome results

      1. A little powder goes a LONG way
        Most products are very concentrated and we recommend starting with 1/2 teaspoon of the powder. If you desire a stronger color just add more powder until satisfied.

      2. Light colored fruits will make them colors POP
        In order the get those vibrant colors that you see on instagram, you need to know what to blend the powders with. Light colored fruits such as banana, pineapple, coconut are the best ingredients for a COLOR BOMB smoothie. 

      3. DON’T blend with dark fruits and berries
        You might have learned a thing or two from using watercolors as a kid. If you combine two colors with a lot of pigment none of the colors will pop. The same applies to our powders. If you mix them with blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate etc you won’t get that vibrant color.

      4. Works best below 70 degrees Celsius (158 Fahrenheit)
        As our products are 100% natural without additives some of them will loose part of its color when heated. Pitaya is a good example of a sensitive product. To prevent this, try decreasing the temperature while frying for a longer time. This will prevent any discoloring. (For Pancakes as an example, fry them on lower temperatures for longer time to maintain maximum color but still get a regularly fried pancake).

      5. Store your powders in a cool and dry place
        In order to keep your powders as fresh as possible store them airtight in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. 

      6. Create unique shades by mixing colors
        This is where the fun begins and the possibilities are endless! Try combining multiple colors for unique hues and shades. Adding a little bit of pink/red fruits to your Blue Spirulina powder will create a mint or turquoise tone. 

      100+ recipes to get you started

      In our original Rawnice Recipes we show you exactly how to get fantastic results with any of our products. New recipes added each week!

      Click the links below to find your next challenge:

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        All shipments are insured and fully trackable. Any lost, damaged or delayed shipments are covered in full by our Delivery Guarantee.

      • What is standard shipping cost?
        If you don't reach our free shipping limit, we do need to charge a flat rate shipping fee of $9 USD to cover part of the shipping cost. (This is because all orders ship from Sweden). 

      • Do you ship to my country?
        YES most likely as we ship world wide to all major countries and have tens of thousands of customers across all corners of the world!
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        Speed is our priority. and for that reason any order placed before 13.00 / 1PM (Central European Time) is shipped out the same day. 

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