Blue Spirulina Powder

Rawnice Blue Spirulina Powder
Blue Spirulina smoothies made with our natural powder
Rawnice powders will make your foods more fun
Blend our Blue Spirulina powder in your morning smoothie
Bright and vibrant blue color of the Rawnice Blue Spirulina Powder
Product image 1Rawnice Blue Spirulina Powder
Product image 2Blue Spirulina smoothies made with our natural powder
Product image 3Rawnice powders will make your foods more fun
Product image 4Blend our Blue Spirulina powder in your morning smoothie
Product image 5Bright and vibrant blue color of the Rawnice Blue Spirulina Powder
Product image 6

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Have you been holding your nose while drinking your sewer green spirulina smoothie?

We’re here to lift you out of the gutter and give you the most epic blue, tasteless and nutrition packed spirulina out there. You gotta see it to believe it.

  • 100% natural, extracted from regular Spirulina
  • No taste
  • Blue as fuck
  • Packed with antioxidants

This magic blue powder is extracted from regular green spirulina through a process where we’ve kept the healthy stuff but gotten rid of the nasty taste and boring color.

This is like stuffing your face with the cake and having it too.
Send your love letters to after you’ve tried it.

Add a tsp of our blue spirulina to your banana smoothie and go from lame to holy sh*t in a sec. Sip on a smurf latte or go crazy with blue noodles.

Anything is possible but this game-changing powder. 

- This product is 100% natural and Vegan
- One bag contains 50g  (1.7 Oz)

All our products have a perfect Certificate of analysis from manufacturing to assure the highest quality possible. They are safe to consume for people all ages no matter the serving size.

Ingredients: Phycocyanin from Arthrospira Platensis (Spirulina)

Country of Origin: China

Servings: 50-70 (1/2-1 tsp/serving)

Shelf life: 2 years from production date

Storage: Cool and Dry

Allergens: -

Color Pigment: Deep Blue

Taste: Neutral

Nutritional Information:

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All Rawnice powders are 100% natural and contains no harmful additives or preservatives.

(We recommend consulting with your doctor prior to using our powders regarding any health concerns that you may have.)

YES! Our products are 100% natural and suitable for all ages. Actually Kids love them!

Suprise them with Pink Pancakes, blue smurf soymilk or anything else you can come up with to make their day awesome!

No, thank you, I prefer Hip-hop such as Wu-tang clan and Gangstarr ;)

Oh you mean that other nasty kind of heavy metals, NO WAY!
All our products are safe to consume and and have been analyzed for both toxins and heavy metals before packaging. We guarantee the highest quality.

You my friend, can create almost ANYTHING with our superfood powders, and your mind is your only limit (that applies to everything in life)

But to start out, try making a colorful Unicorn smoothie, rainbow pancakes, blue raw food balls, orange cakes or colorful sushi.

All our powders have a neutral taste and can be used for all kinds of foods without ruining it.
That has been my mission since I started Rawnice. Colorful superfoods with neutral taste.

Our products have a 2 year shelf life from manufacturing. Store them in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunshine exposure to avoid moisture and lumps created inside the powder.

Our powders are 100% natural and made from plants. They contain no additives, gluten or lactose and are VEGAN OF COURSE. Because we love all animals :)


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