Ocean Silicone Mold Pack

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You made it to our ocean pack, Amazing! Let's celebrate that with a funny joke to brighten your day before you continue!

Q: What does a mermaid wear to maths class?
A: An alge-bra....

Why do you need these ocean molds in your life?
This is perfect for those of you whom are ready to step up their kitchen game a notch. Yes, you will spend an extra 5 mins to prepare your food but the results are well worth the effort!!

What is included in the pack?

2 different silicone molds. to create the cutest decorations for your smoothies, cakes and nice cream!

How to use it?
Use with white chocolate, coconut yoghurt or whatever floats your boat to create the cutest little seashells to take your foods to the next level. To make it extra extra you can blend in our superfood powders for the wow effect.

Check out this Amazing video by @Naturally.Jo on instagram to see exactly how to use it!

Visa det här inlägget på Instagram

Ett inlägg delat av J o s e (@naturally.jo)

Mold Material: Food grade silicone

Mermaid Tail Specs:
Dimensions: 8.2 cm x 2.9 cm size

Seashell Specs:
Dimensions: 7,5 cm x 7 cm size
(the shells range from 1 cm to 3 cm in length)

Congrats, you finished reading this product text.
Let’s celebrate with another joke!

Q: What did the sea say to the mermaid?
A: Nothing, it just waved.


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Do the powders have any taste?

All our powders have a neutral taste and can be used for all kinds of foods without ruining it. That has been our mission since we started Rawnice. Colorful superfoods with neutral taste.

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We make sure that you only get the good stuff, so we have all our powders processed in a facility that doesn’t process dairy, gluten, nuts or seafood. Our powders are 100% natural and they’re 100% VEGAN! Because we love all animals :)

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Are these products safe for my kids?

YES! Our products are 100% natural and suitable for all ages. Actually, kids love them!

What can I create with your products?
You my friend, can create almost ANYTHING with our superfood powders, and your mind is your only limit, which applies to everything in life. For more inspiration, please see some of our favorite recipes here.

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