BUNDLE - Butterfly Pea & Blue Spirulina

BUNDLE - Butterfly Pea & Blue Spirulina

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This bundle includes:
1x Butterfly Pea powder 50G
1 x Blue Spirulina 50G
1x Coconut Bowl (free of charge)

Butterfly Pea:
The dried and ground leafs of a flower that grows in tropical environments and is used for its rad color and amazing health properties. (google butterfly pea).

Just add a teaspoon of this magical powder into your smoothie bowls, your homemade lemonade or your daily fix of nicecream to get that Instagram friendly blue vibe. Add lemon and it'll turn purple. Not kidding bro

One bag will give you 10-15 servings

Blue Spirulina:
Our Blue Spirulina is extracted from regular green Spirulina. We keep the high concentration of  vitamins, minerals and proteins while getting rid of the fishy taste and sewer water color. Did we mention that you get the most amazing blue color as well?

Our Blue Spirulina contains more than 50% Phycocyanin and has no taste whatsoever.

50 g gives you 50-75 servings.

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Country of origin
Spirulina: China

Butterfly Pea: Thailand
Coconut Bowl: Vietnam

PRICE: 70 USD (roughly)
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