Meet the worlds first collection of

Rainbow Superfoods

Why you will love our products.

🌈 Way more colorful and fun to use
We have searched every corner of the world to find the strongest natural pigments with additional health benefits.

Boosts your health
The health benefits are just as important as color for us. Each product is selected for their unique nutritional profile.

🐟 Will not alter the taste of your foods
Our products are taste free, that makes them perfect for adding to smoothies and foods.

🌱 100% natural ingredients
All products are sourced directly from mama nature and does not contain any fillers or additives. All products are Vegan.

Want to try more than one color?

Bundle Deals

Health + fun = true

New recipes weekly

Breaking the norm

Not your traditional health food company

Many companies make us feel bad about who we are, as a tactic to sell us quick-fixes and unrealistic miraculous results.

We strongly disagree with that way of business, and believe there is a better way to help you live a long and healthy life.

We are here to inspire and empower you. To challenge you to have more fun with your food and to see where your creativity will lead you!

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