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    The majority of ”health brands” only targets a small group of people, for whom candy, beer and cheat days are taboo.

    At the same time, our Instagram feed is flooded with advanced yoga poses on a beach in Asia somewhere, perfectly manicured hand holding coconuts etc.

    That shit is so DAMN old and CLICHÈE...

    Imagine waking up a Saturday morning hungover, feeling like crap with no inspiration to even get out of bed or get your shit together.

    With a little pinch of our magic fairy dust in your breakfast smoothie or oatmeal, your breakfast will be a lot sexier, you will automatically be more fit and your mama will be proud of you. All at the same time!

    I want Rawnice to be for everyone who can’t relate to that perfect healthy lifestyle (You coconut yogis are of course welcome too).

    Me? I drink red wine and listen to the Wu-tang Clan in between my workouts.

    I’m all about the balance..and so is RAWNICE.

    With the risk of being classified as a weirdo, here comes the story of how Rawnice got started.

    I was actually sitting on the toilet at a gas station in the middle of nowhere in Sweden..

    well pretty much everything is nowhere in Sweden...

    Like most people, I was scrolling down my Instagram feed and came across the most beautiful pink smoothie and I became obsessed with the idea to create one myself.


    "After researching the internet I realized that the Pink Pitaya powder used to create these pink smoothies couldn’t be found anywhere in Scandinavia and hardly even anywhere in the world.

    That’s when I understood someone had to make these fantastic colors available to the masses. And so Rawnice story begins."

    The idea of running a company imporing colorful and healthy powders had never crossed my mind, and I had never imagined how much work I would have to put in.

    In my mind i was going to be a writer and get my first book published.

    But now I’m here selling powders online instead... Life is a weird thing, right?

    Ps. Rawnice have always, and will always be a 100% Vegan business.

    /Helene Arvidsson
    Founder Rawnice

    Contact us: customerservice@rawnice.com

    VAT-nr: SE559184452601
    ORG-nr: 559184-4526

    Company Address:

    Rawnice AB
    Nordfeldts väg 13
    645 51 STRÄNGNÄS

    All our orders are shipped from Sweden.
    We ship world wide and have customers in 50+ countries.