Butterfly Pea Powder

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What is Butterfly Pea?

The Butterfly Pea Powder is made from a beautiful flower, grown in tropical climates. Hand picked and milled into a fine powder just for your pleasure!

This powder is PH sensitive and react to acidic liquids
such as lemon or lime by changing color from blue to pink.

If you're all about the base, mix this baby with base (alkali) ingredients, and watch it turn from blue to the coolest shades of green! Royal lemonades, anyone?

Easy and fun!

Scoop it

Mix it

Eat the rainbow

Suggested ways to use

Pro tips for best results

  1. Recommended serving size is 1/2 tsp, add more if you desire a stronger color.

  2. Mix with light colored foods to get he most colorful pop and most vibrant result. (Bananas, mango, plant milk etc).
  3. Mix with a fruit infused drink for a lovely blue shade. Then add lemon juice to change color of your drinks from blue to purple

  4. This powder is specially great to use in hot foods like pasta and home baked bread because it keeps its color even when heated. You can also use it to create the internet famous ”Blue Chai Tea" and so much more. Creativity is your only limitation!

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How to use

How well does it mix with..?

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Serving size: 1/2 Teaspoon / 1 grams

Servings per bag: 50

Note: A little goes a long way, start with the recommended serving size and add more if you want a stronger color.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrient Facts

Pink Pitaya Per 100g

Energy (kJ/100g)


Energy (kcal/100g)


Fat (g/100g)


Saturated Fat(g/100g)


Monounsaturated Fatty Acid (g/100g)


Carbohydrates (g/100g)


Sugars (g/100g)


Fibres (g/100g)






Benefits of Butterfly Pea

We would like to refer you to this independent article where you can read up on more details about this product, this is because we as a brand are not making any health claims on our products (read our reasoning to why below).

Why we don't make health claims.

We get emails DAILY asking if our products cure cancer, make your blind aunt see again, make you lose weight, get more beautiful skin and hair, etc because they’ve read it somewhere online.

Promoting exaggerated or completely false health benefits is not only immoral AF it, is also not legal to do so within the European Union.

Claims like this are RARELY backed up by science, but are used by brands to get customers to spend as much money as possible in hopes of miraculous results.

We are not here to play along with such dirty tricks, and we don’t lie to our people.

A healthy lifestyle for us is all about balance, and our products can give you a boost on the way. But just like any other product it will not perform miracles on its own.

We are extremely proud of our range of colorful products, and know that they all share a strong nutritional profile (Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals etc) we will not be making any bold statements around or on our end.

To achieve long term health we recommend eating a variety of plant based foods, moving your butt, and avoiding spending time around assholes.

Try that, and then you’ll see REAL results!


Product Info

Ingredient: Dried and ground leafs of Butterfly Pea Flower
Taste: Neutral
Appearance: Light blue/grey powder
Product dimensions: 130 x 180 mm
Net weight: 50g / 1.7 Oz
Origin: FuJian Province, China

Allergens & Certificates

All our products have a perfect Certificate of analysis from manufacturing to assure the highest quality possible. They are carefully tested and analyzed to be safe to consume for people all ages.

Subject Tested ok

Allergen Free






Gluten free


Material safety data sheet

3rd party tested


How to store: Store in a dry and cool environment away from direct sunlight. Always re-seal both packing bags (inner + outer) to avoid moisture getting inside and causing it to get lumpy.

Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production.

Our satisfaction score is 98% for a reason.

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Do you offer free shipping?
Yup! We offer free shipping for orders +$80 USD. To know if your country is included in this, please check this list here.

Do the powders have any taste?

All our powders have a neutral taste and can be used for all kinds of foods without ruining it. That has been our mission since we started Rawnice. Colorful superfoods with neutral taste.

Are there any additives, gluten, lactose, nuts, or any allergens in your products?
We make sure that you only get the good stuff, so we have all our powders processed in a facility that doesn’t process dairy, gluten, nuts or seafood. Our powders are 100% natural and they’re 100% VEGAN! Because we love all animals :)

Where do you ship from?
We ship your orders from Sweden! Most orders ship the same day if placed before 13.00 / 1PM (Central European Time). If an order is placed on a Friday afternoon after 13.00 / 1 PM or during the weekend, it will ship out Monday. If an order is placed during a holiday, it will ship out on the next working day.

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Are these products safe for my kids?

YES! Our products are 100% natural and suitable for all ages. Actually, kids love them!

What can I create with your products?
You my friend, can create almost ANYTHING with our superfood powders, and your mind is your only limit, which applies to everything in life. For more inspiration, please see some of our favorite recipes here.

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